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Our goal - Making the world more secure.

Our concept

There are research fields from which very clear concrete applications arise. It is something special that the German Research Society has granted Prof. Dr. Rainer Herges, head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Christian Albrechts University, a special research area for twelve years and financed it with 25 million euros. The internationally renowned professor, who also holds a visiting professorship at MIT in Boston, has developed a method that can make the world safer in times of international terror:

The substance for detecting explosives was created in this research work. At the heart of the patent-pending invention is a metal porphyrin, for which a patent application has been filed with the European Patent Office under number EP20167599.8.

herges detection® was founded at the beginning of 2020 as a spin-off of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, together with the multiple successful entrepreneur RNDr. Stefan Kloth.

Our team

Prof. Dr. Rainer Herges, Founder and Head of Research

RNDr. Stefan Kloth, Co-Founder and CEO

Mike Brockmann, Lab-Manager


Prof. Dr. Rainer Herges, born 1955
Director of the Otto-Diels-Institute for Organic Chemistry at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany
Head of Development at herges detection®

  • A life for chemistry: 1975 studies in Saarbrücken,
    1981 diploma, 1984 doctorate in Munich, postdoc in Los Angeles, 1992 habilitation in Braunschweig, visiting professorships in Paris, Stanford, Melbourne, Canberra, Boston (MIT),
    Professorships 1996 in Braunschweig and since 2001 in Kiel,
    > 300 scientific publications,
    six patents and numerous international awards
  • Many years of experience in the transfer of technologies with high application potential
    in the development of market-relevant patents

Publications in numerous international professional publications

Veröffentlichungen und Publikationen

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RNDr. Stefan Kloth, Born 1969 Entrepreneur
CEO at herges detection®

  • Entrepreneur with a background in natural sciences:
    1989 study of physics in Kiel, 1993 diploma and doctorate, 2010 study of business administration in Kiel, 2014 diploma, Foundation and successful sale of several companies
  • Many years of experience in the areas of
    • Establishment of especially electronic business models (e-commerce)
    • Organization and support of corporate growth
    • Company valuation and equity financing
    • Technology transfer incl. patenting and patent exploitation

Over 20 years of experience in the establishment and successful development/exploitation of companies

Veröffentlichungen und Publikationen


Mike Brockmann, PhD student
Lab Manager at herges detection®

2013 Abitur
2013-2017 Studies of chemistry at the CAU Kiel
Degree: Bachelor of Science
2017-2019 Study of Chemistry at the CAU Kiel
Degree: Master of Science

Since 2020: Lab Manager at herges detection GmbH



Our team has a common mission: to make the world safer. At herges detection® you can expect a renowned and dynamic team of chemists, economists, physicists, graphic designers, online marketing and financial experts. Together we bundle our knowledge and experience. This is how we want to help a globally unique explosives test succeed and contribute to making the world a little safer.

  • Interns (m/f/d)
  • Diploma/Master students (m/f/d)
  • PhD students (m/f/d)


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