• Easy mobile use with immediate results, all classes of explosives are detected
  • All necessary reagents are included, no machines, no laboratory and no special expertise required
  • High sensitivity. Detects all classes of explosives

The Test for Explosives Giving Quick Certainty

The reaction is so sensitive, the test strip does not even has to touch the substance. It is sufficient to hold the strip over the suspicious substance. The test is highly precise and quick to use. A maximum of 60 seconds later, you know whether it is an explosive and if so, which one.

The sticks are as easy and safe to use as pH test sticks. A small can - instead of a large machine infrastructure.

This means that they can be used by criminal investigators who unexpectedly find themselves in an explosive situation during an operation, for example: Are the substances in a drug lab really just drugs? Or is the white powder on the heater perhaps explosives after all?

The test strips secure evidence at the crime scene that can be used in court before the substance has to be detonated on site by the explosive ordnance disposal service.

In many cases, the explosives used can still be detected after an explosion. Because a few molecules are enough for this.

Rapid security for entry controls at events and state visits, small companion to the Criminal Investigation Service, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service, the Federal Armed Forces and investigators in the field.

Advantages of herges detection

Safe Detection of Explosives Classes

Simple, Mobile Use, also for Robots

Quick Test in 15 Seconds

All-In-One Test Sticks

Very low Weight (0.1g)

Very high Sensitivity (0.1ng)


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